Burial Pricing

Our mission is to provide lower cost, simpler services for veterans and their families. Veterans and their families are our ONLY commitment. We are VETERAN SPECIALISTS experienced in all aspects of Veteran Burial Benefits. Funeral homes and cemeteries offer various “Veteran programs,” but all they are really doing is using the word “Veteran” to attract customers. All Veterans Funeral & Cremation was founded by a Veteran in 1989. Our Veteran staff are DEVOTED TO THE CARE OF VETERANS & THEIR FAMILIES.

Simple Viewing $725

A private, informal viewing for up to 25 people.  Can be combined with our Standard Cremation or Simple Burial Packages.


  • 1 hour at our Family Viewing Room in Denver (a modest room at our Care Center)
  • Embalming, dressing, and preparation of deceased
  • Placement of deceased on a viewing table with pillow and comforter

Simple Burial Package $3,815

Simple Burial with Graveside Service and Casket, but without Embalming or Viewing.


  • Choice of quality metal casket (silver, rose, white or light blue)
  • Local removal from place of death
  • Basic care and dressing of the deceased
  • Services of staff and director
  • Transportation of casket to cemetery
  • Ordering of all Military Honors available for veteran
  • Death Certificate and U.S. Burial Flag for veteran

Complete Funeral Package $5,280

Complete Funeral with Viewing and quality casket.


  • Choice of 4 quality metal caskets (gray, rose, white, or light blue available)
  • 100 printed memorial folders, guest register book, and 50 thank-you cards
  • Removal from place of death
  • Services of staff and director
  • Embalming, dressing, and preparation for viewing
  • Transportation of casket in hearse to place of viewing and funeral
  • Funeral service and viewing (up to 1 hour for each) at facility near Ft. Logan National Cemetery or family’s church
  • Committal service at cemetery
  • Ordering of all available Military Honors (if veteran)
  • Death Certificate (if veteran)